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Nutrition and Health

Naturopathic Nutrition emphasizes the consumption of whole and organic foods as well as herbal supplements to keep your body in optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shape. Many of our clients have come to think of it as using food as medicine, helping prevent disease and sickness through safe and healthy eating. For many years in the past, it has been far too easy for us as Americans to ignore or forgo healthy eating habits, in favor of prescriptions and chemicals that only serve as stop-gaps for health issues. Today, we see that eating chemical-free foods that are grown naturally, along with consulting naturopathic nutritional experts, is an effective answer to many health complaints and common conditions. At Herbs etc, we pay close attention to the physiological and biochemical processes involved in nourishment in order to provide our clients with the best possible nutritional advice and natural health remedies. We hope to educate people on how to best care for their bodies with naturopathic products and nutritional advice that will help keep you in great nutritional health.

We offer a wide range of nutrition and health services that include:

Nutrition and Health Evaluation

A full evaluation of your overall health, including assessments, nutrition and herb and naturopathic suggestions.

Urgent Care / Ask the Naturopath

Bring specific ailments, concerns and other thoughts you have about your health to one of our certified naturopaths.

Biological Age Assessment

An in-depth analysis of your body’s cells, environment and health to assess the biological age of your body.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

An in-depth analysis of live blood cells to create a portrait of your overall health. Periodic check-ups recommended.

Iridology Assessment

The eye is the window to your health. Using iris imaging to assess the health and functioning of your body.

Homeopathy Consultation

Extensive interview to determine your health and which homeopathic remedies are best for you.

Voice Analysis

Discover what your voice has to say about your health. Analyzing strength, tone and more.

Reflexology Treatment

Working with pressure points on the feet to relieve tension and open energy flow throughout your vital systems.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleansing toxins from the lower intestinal tract. Helps with bad breath, fatigue, allergies, indegestion and more.

Emotional Release

Using essential oils to unlock past life and current life traumas to encourage emotional healing.

N.O.T. (Neurological Organizational Technique)

Reestablishes communication of the nervous system with all other systems in the body using light pressure points.

Story Counselor

Telling your story is a transformative healing experience that opens your mind to new possibilities.

PSYCH-K® Treatment

Proprietary whole-brain integration process to help you manifest the positivity in your mind into your life.

Meridian Alignment / Allergy Correction

Channel your body’s unique energy system to improve your health and help reduce the symptoms of allergies.

Polarity Therapy

Lori Becker, ND will use elemental and chakra energy to promote energy flow in the body and help prevent disease.

Faith-Based Listening & Advising

Channel your faith & receive guidance to help you gain the tools and stability in life to help you reach your highest goals.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sinus Pressure Relief, Lymphatic Drain, Pregnancy, Chair.

Whole Body Tuning

In-depth therapy using color, sound and essential oils specific to each individual/session.