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Sinus Pressure Relief Massage

For relieving the uncomfortable, dizzying pressure that comes with sinus congestion, you can’t beat a pressure relief massage from one of our team of professional, licensed massage therapists in Mount Pleasant.

Sinus pressure massage can either be added on to any regular massage or be a stand-alone for a 30-minute session.

sinus pressure massage in mount pleasant

This therapy helps to reduce the discomforts that may occur from sinus pressure.

What Happens During The Massage?

The process may vary slightly from therapist to therapist, but the practice of sinus pressure relief massage follows this basic flow:

  1. The therapist will most likely start the client face up on the massage table and work on the neck to help drain some lymphatic fluids.
  2. The therapist will then move up to the face where he or she will use pressure on different points throughout the face, especially around the sinuses.
  3. The therapist may also use different essential oils to enhance the session and help the sinuses as well as some craniosacral therapy to help with the placement of the cranial bones.

How To Relieve Sinus Pressure

Professional sinus pressure massage is the most effective remedy for relieving chronic sinus pressure and the symptoms of sinusitis.

There are a variety of home remedies for relieving sinus pressure which may not involve a massage therapist, including aromatherapy for sinus relief and essential oils for sinuses and allergies. Decongestants can be effective short-term treatment, but they rarely address the root causes of sinus pressure.

Sinus Massage Near Me

The goal of this therapy is to assist the client in relieving head and sinus pressure. If you are experiencing chronic sinus pressure, consult a licensed sinus relief massage therapist to see if this massage is right for you.


120 Min: $114 | 90 Min: $94 | 60 Min: $64 | 30 Min: $44